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El Paso–Juárez, Texas and Mexico; photo by the author

Business and technology are filled with gendered, racist, and otherwise insidious words that we should stop using. I am not the first to point this out, nor will I write the most comprehensive post on the topic. Nevertheless, it is helpful for me, and hopefully the team at Brightflag, to maintain this list and refer to it as we work to eliminate biases and change deeply ingrained behaviors.

I will update this list over time, noting when I do so. …

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Acadia National Park, Maine; photo by the author

Last week I interviewed a candidate who asked me what I like most about Brightflag. It’s an easy question for me to answer: our values and how deeply ingrained they are in everything we do.

Literally not a day goes by where someone doesn’t make reference to one of our values during a meeting. We made stickers for each of them, and they adorn our laptops and notebooks. They exist as custom emoji in our Slack workspace. We nominate our hero of the week each Friday based on how team members have exemplified them.

I can say with confidence that Brightflag’s values, and the degree to which they guide our team’s actions, are a significant contributor to success. I share them below and discuss what each means to me. …

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Arches National Park, Utah; photo by the author

This is a post that I intended to write in May 2019 shortly after I joined Brightflag as Chief Customer Officer. But a funny thing happened: what little free headspace I had disappeared quickly. In the intervening time, Dave Kellogg wrote about what to look for in and things to avoid in selecting a job at a software startup. Both posts are insightful, as usual, and I felt there was little I could add to the topic.

After more than a year of recruiting and supporting friends and former colleagues with their own job searches, I’ve changed my mind. It seems that no one can get too much advice on this topic. Plus, it turns out this blog is an effective recruiting tool (thanks, Patty Brooks!), …

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