Favorite Day of the Year, 2022 Edition

Kevin Cohn
Nov 23, 2022


Olympic National Park, Washington; photo by the author

Today, the day before Thanksgiving, is my favorite day of the year. Each year I ask my team to share their favorite days of the year. It’s become a fun team-building tradition. Here are the results from this year (again omitting a fair number of people due to vacation, etc.):

  • Thanksgiving (9)
  • Saint Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day in some countries) (5)
  • Christmas Eve (4)
  • Saturday before Memorial Day (4)
  • Christmas Day (3)
  • Day before Thanksgiving (2)
  • Diwali (2)
  • Halloween (2)
  • Closest Saturday to Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • First child’s birthday
  • Friday before Labor Day
  • Labor Day
  • My birthday
  • My wedding anniversary
  • New Year’s Day
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Patriots’ Day
  • Saint Patrick’s Day
  • Saint Joseph’s Day

* This person takes a family vacation each summer.

Happy (day before) Thanksgiving!



Kevin Cohn

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