Five Essential Follows for Technology Leaders

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I’m self-conscious about the fact that I’m not a fast reader (around 375 words per minute), which is unusual for an executive. This is one of the reasons why I spend more time reading short-form content, such as newspaper and blog articles, as opposed to books.

I’m a voracious consumer of The New York Times; I also read Harvard Business Review (which offers a wealth of actionable research on leadership), FiveThirtyEight (mostly for its data visualizations — I try to avoid reading about politics), and Recode (although it’s seen better days and often feels like a gossip magazine). These publishers aggregate many exceptional journalists and subject-matter experts under a small number of “roofs,” which makes it easier to find valuable information quickly.

That said, I most enjoy following individual people. Perhaps the lack of a filter makes the content more authentic (they write about what they want, when they want); maybe I simply agree with their opinions a greater percentage of the time. And in the sometimes-bubble of funded enterprise software companies—think the HBO series Silicon Valley—it’s helpful to be able to learn from people who’ve been in similar situations.

So, here are five people who I believe are essential follows for technology leaders. Each has a unique and well-honed writing style. Some of them I know personally; others I’ve come to know through their writing.

Dave Kellogg, CEO, Host Analytics

Some of my favorite articles are:

Jason M. Lemkin, Founder & CEO, SaaStr

Some of my favorite articles are:

Dave Grow, COO, Lucid

Some of my favorite posts are:

Tom Tunguz, Partner, Redpoint Ventures

Some of my favorite articles are:

John Grimwade, Assistant Professor, Ohio University

Some of my favorite articles are:

If you have recommendations for other individuals I should be following, please send them my way!

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Chief Customer Officer at Brightflag. I write about issues relevant to and situations faced by SaaS companies as they scale.

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